3 Ways To Prevent Something Small From Turning Into A Disaster

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Have you ever had something go wrong that started out small but actually ended up becoming a bigger deal than it really needed to be? Maybe it felt like a little reminder that you needed to pay attention to something, but you ignored it and it kept getting bigger and bigger until you were forced to pay attention to it.

This happened to me recently with a problem that I had with my shoulder. It started in my neck about four months ago (yes I let it go that long) because I was spending around fourteen to sixteen hours a day on the computer. I sat there day after day doing the same repetitive motion. I wasn’t stretching, I wasn’t exercising, I wasn’t even getting up and moving around! I was so focused on what I was doing, I ignored how I was feeling. I had a lot of things that I was trying to accomplish and I didn’t have time to slow down! The problem continued to get worse and the pain actually traveled all the way down my arm and into my hand to the point that I couldn’t pick anything up.

Something was seriously wrong. What was I doing? Why was I not paying attention to myself? I ignored something so small and it ended up becoming a major problem that now was causing me so much pain, I couldn’t even lift something with my right hand.

You are probably wondering what does my shoulder problem have to do with budgeting or personal finance? I think you can probably relate to my story in one way or another if you look back on a problem you’ve had with your finances. Did you notice something going on with your finances, maybe you have a bad month and something just goes wrong? It probably started out small, but maybe it ended up snowballing month after month and becoming something bigger than it really ever needed to be.

Don’t feel bad, I’ve done it several times. I tell myself things like it’ll get better next month or it’s not as bad as it seems and kind of try to put the blinders on and have just a one-track mind. That doesn’t do any of us any good!

How can you fix this? Here are three ways you can avoid little issues becoming a big problem for you:

  1. Pay attention when things start out small. Even if a financial problem seems like it’s something you might have control over,it’s best to pay attention to before it becomes devastating to you. Are you continuing to go over your budget in a certain category each month? Pay attention to that to see what is going on.
  2. Track patterns as they develop. If you do see a pattern developing, try to change those habits early. Is there something you’re doing that’s causing your finances to get out of control? Is there something that’s happening that maybe you can prevent? Sometimes it will be things that we can’t prevent and those are things to work through. If it’s something you can prevent, stop the habit early to avoid a major problem in your finances.
  3. Make changes when necessary. If something you’re noticing is causing you problems or you’re seeing things that something is happening month after month, making changes in what you are doing. This might mean reevaluating your budget, changing your behavior or seeking additional education to learn more about personal finance.

In the end, I made several trips to the chiropractor and my shoulder and my hand are fine now. I put myself through a lot more pain and agony than I really needed to. Lesson learned: pay attention to problems, no matter how small they seem to be because they can end up becoming something much bigger!

Written by Jenny, founder of The Jenny Pincher.

Jenny is the founder of The Jenny Pincher – “Where smart women go to defeat debt.” Jenny has worked in various sectors of the finance industry for several years, and blogs about her financial tips, goals, and realizations about debt and wealth that changed her life. You can read more about Jenny at http://thejennypincher.com

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