5 Universal Gifts That Will Make You A Christmas Legend

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It’s December which means Christmas lights, changing weather, tight budgets, and of course some serious brainstorming about what kinds of gifts to buy. It seems simple enough to pick out a gift for a relative, friend, or loved one at first glance, I mean it’s a present right? If you’re like me it is easy all the way up to the point when you actually have to make a decision of what to buy.

Who would have thought picking out a present for someone you spend all your time with could be so puzzling? And it doesn’t matter if it’s your spouse of 50 years or your new boss you’ve known for 3 months, no one is really easy to shop for. Of course there are people who are nicer about what you buy them, but it’s just not that easy to pin point someone’s interests to find the ultimate gift that he/she will use for years to come. So here’s a quick list of the top 5 gifts that literally ­anyone will make use of.

1. Canon Rebel

You don’t have to be a photographer to be able to use a camera with a nice lens on it. Taking pics is a pretty universal thing and as higher end cameras become cheaper, more and more people are making the switch to DSLR’s like the Rebel. The Rebel T3 starts out around $500 and includes an 18-55mm lens. Not bad for the quality!

2. Netbook

A netbook is pretty much a simpler form of a laptop. It’s built for mainly one thing: surfing the web, which surprisingly enough, is just about all most of us do on a computer in this day and age. This can be good for anyone since web browsing is something practically everyone does. And don’t think you will end up paying a fortune for one of these, if you go cheap, they can run you as little as $200. That’s less than a smartphone!

3. Headphones

The great thing about headphones is that everyone can put them to use. From music to podcasts to audiobooks, headphones can serve many different purposes and could make the perfect gift for someone. And the different types such as ear buds or full cover provide uses for different occasions so even if they already have a pair, they might need a different style for different activities (for example I use ear buds when I’m exercising or walking somewhere and full covered headphones when I’m at my computer.)

4. Komachi Knives

Everybody needs a knife for something, so I say it might as well be colorful and extra sharp. This is just one of those things that is both cool and useful to have around the house. Not only that, it is a good product. What differentiates Komachi knives from others is its coating that helps the knife clean easily.

5. Barnes & Noble Gift Card

This is my personal go-to gift. Even if whoever you’re shopping for isn’t a bookworm, it can be utilized. There are books about pretty much anything you can think of, so this can really be used for a variety of purposes whether it’s educational (a history book) or the furthest thing from it (a graphic novel). And better yet, you can order it online and save yourself the drive.

Still need more? Here are some sources I found useful.

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