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Stop Wasting Money On Getting Your Oil Changed Too Often

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Do you get your oil changed every 3-4k miles? If so, you could be wasting your money. As crazy as it sounds, it turns out most manufacturers recommend closer to 7,500 – 10,000 miles between oil changes. So why the heck have I been getting my oil changed twice as frequently as recommended?! Apparently I’m like 51% of the nation who believes, according to the market research firm NPD Group, that oil is supposed to be changed every 3,000 miles. And likewise only 33% wait longer than 4,000 miles for an oil change. That’s a lot of unnecessary oil changes!

My question is why do practically all auto shops recommend such small intervals between oil changes? I guess the obvious answer is that they want you to come in more often and give them more business, but why isn’t it more common knowledge that the manufacturers recommend such a longer period?

This doesn’t help my constant concern that I’m being ripped off when I take my car in. It seems like whenever I go in to have my car serviced they find some crucial problem with my car that’s an extra $400. I never know whether to take them seriously or not. Either way, a little involvement with what’s going on with your car is always beneficial. I usually try to ask them to show me what they’re going to do so I can at least get some kind of understanding of what is going on before I shell out my savings to them.

At any rate, you can avoid the problem by doing some homework and in the process, save some cash.

The next time you get that little sticker in your windshield from the auto shop, do yourself a favor and ignore it. Do your own math. Go to to find out how many miles that the manufacturer recommends for your car between oil changes.

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