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The Ultimate Budgeting Guide For Moms

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Budgeting just your own finances is tough and intimidating enough. But budgeting for you plus a family? That requires nothing short of a Herculean effort. It’s a full time job in addition to being a parent, and spouse and it’s no wonder it’s so much easier in the short run to just avoid…. But it can’t be ignored for long, or the effects will be back to haunt you in no time. And when I say haunt, I mean haunt.

Not having a budget for your family is a huge reason families today are in so much debt. The problem is not only lack of time, it’s also lack of knowledge. Financial management is something that people go to 8 years of school for, and make a living doing it. It can be complicated stuff…

The trick with budgeting for a family, is to not let it become complicated. It’s not about obsessing over a book of 20 spreadsheets, trying to plan the next 30 years of your family’s life to the penny.  That’s just not realistic. A family’s budget is something that needs to be lean and easy to change in order to respond to the onslaught of unexpected events that life throws at us.  And in order to express this even more, I’ve decided to put together a few of my favorite posts to form The Ultimate Budgeting Guide for Moms.


Make it Routine

When it comes to family budgeting, a great thing to do is to have a routine. Have a certain day of each month where you can set time aside and budget. This article from Frugal Dad explains how to do just that - Our First of the Month Financial Routine

Don’t Put Frugality Over Safety

Ever bought used items for your family? It’s easy on the budget but it may not be the right thing. According Chris Birk at WiseBread there are some things that just aren’t worth the savings - 5 Home and Family Items to Avoid Buying Used

It’s Not If, but When You Will Need an Emergency Fund

It seems like something that takes a back seat almost every month is an emergency fund. As hard as it is to remind yourself that something could happen, it almost always seems like that money is needed for something else doesn’t it? CNN Money reported on the story of a family who ended up needing one, even though they were pretty well off financially - Budgeting for an Emergency Fund

Teaching The Right Things To the Little Ones

Now that I’ve officially freaked you out about not having an emergency fund, lets talk about teaching your kids about money. This is tough if you’re not too sure how to be financially responsible yourself, but Man VS. Debt did a stellar blog post about a lesson he taught his daughter- Raising Entrepreneurial Kids… “Too Soon” to Start?

Use Money-Saving Tricks During Back-To-School Season

When it comes to family spending, no time of the year is more stressful than back to school… well maybe the holidays (but we have the next 12 months off from that ;) ) But it doesn’t have to be spend, spend, SPEND. There are some corners that are perfectly fine to cut and this post talks about just that - Best Back-To-School Savings Tips from Moms Around the World

Be Clever at the Grocery Store!

No matter how good you are at saving money and pinching pennies, everybody has to eat. But I bet you there are some things that you don’t do at the grocery store that could be saving you money. And that’s why I’m concluding my guide with Kitchen Parade’s legendary guide to saving money on groceries - How to Save Money on Groceries – Part One


Whether you’re a novice or a veteran with a family budget these posts are great sources to revisit. So bookmark them and keep reminding yourself of what they teach.

Happy budgeting :)

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