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Fall is nearly here with cooler air, falling leaves, and lots of fun for the whole family. There are many ways you can spend your time this fall, but these are a few that will maximize the fun and cost little to nothing! Here are a list of 25, what things do you like to do in the fall?

1. Rake leaves: It seems like work, but jumping in leaves can make you feel like a kid all over again! Bonus? You’ll get amazing pictures of your kids playing.

2. Visit the library: Looking for a way to get out of the chill? Visit your local library to take out books or for storytime for the kids. Many libraries also offer classes on things as varied as history, personal finance, and crafts.

3. Learn a new DIY skill: Free classes for kids and adults will help you bring home a new creation or learn a new skill. Check out Home Depot or Lowe’s for more info.

4. Visit a local orchard: Pick your own apples, pick up some homemade treats, and head home with a bushel full of fun. Find a local orchard here.

5. Collect leaves: You can use them to make leaf art, identify different types of trees, or create a collection by preserving leaves.

6. Bake. There’s nothing like baking in the fall! Add nutmeg, cinnamon, apples, or pumpkin to your favorite recipes for extra fall flavor.

7. Go for a hayride. Throw on some sweaters and take a hayride. Many local orchards and pumpkin patches include it as part of the experience.

8. Pumpkin Picking: Our family loves to go pumpkin picking. Choosing small pumpkins saves on the expense, and makes for a fun annual family outing.

9. Go for a Hike: Fall is a great time for hiking. The weather is cool enough to stay out longer, and you get to see the changing colors up close.

10. Go for a drive: Visit a local area (or one a bit further away) where you can really take in the breathtaking beauty of leaves changing color.

11. Attend high school or college level soccer or football games. It’s all the fun without the expense of the big stadium.

12. Get lost in a corn maze. Corn mazes can be loads of fun, and while they cost a few bucks you can turn it into an all day event if you visit a large corn maze like Cherry Crest Farm in Lancaster, PA.

13. Make hot apple cider. Cider is a great treat, and goes perfect with apples, pumpkin pie, and all kinds of fall meals.

14. Make a scarecrow. Use some old clothes and hay to make a fun scarecrow for your garden or lawn.

15. Create Halloween costumes. Planning ahead can lead to some fun Halloween outfits.

16. Puddle jump. If it’s a rainy fall day it’s perfect for puddle jumping, followed by some hot cocoa.

17. Make caramel apples. You can do it with slices, or even apple nachos!

18. Shop summer sales. Summer clothes, gear, and swimsuits are on major sale at this time of year. Spend some time shopping to save in a big way. Combine summer sales with coupons and you could save as much as 90% off.

19. Carve jack-o-lanterns. Classic fall fun! You can reuse the seeds by roasting them as a snack.

20. Play touch/flag football. Gather the family or the neighborhood kids for a game of flag or touch football.

21. Visit a haunted house. The older kids, and adults will love getting a little spooked. Instead of those overpriced ‘scare’ tours look for local historic tours during the fall that often have a ‘fright’ factor added in.

22. Host a fall party. Make some of your favorite fall dishes, or put a spin on favorites to make them perfect for fall. By making it a potluck you’ll save big on the expense while still having a blast.

23. Enjoy outdoor activities: Walking, biking, hiking, skating–they are all great for this time of year. They are usually free if you have equipment on hand, and healthy for the whole family.

24. Plant bulbs in the garden: Fall is the perfect time to plant bulbs in your garden, and you’ll be rewarded for your hard work come springtime.

25. Make bird feeders. Make bird feeders from pinecones.

What are your favorite Fall activities? 

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