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Spring cleaning always seems to get more groans and gripes than excitement, unless you fall into the Martha Stewart type category of cleaners that love to tackle dust bunnies and decoupage new containers for potted plants.  For most of us, the only way we get excited is by financial motivations- so if you’d like to do some spring cleaning for your money, here are some quick ways to warm up to your money this spring!

1. Cut subscriptions you don’t need

Many of us are auto-enrolled in television, phone and entertainment packages we don’t use enough to make them worthwhile.  Sometimes, we haven’t reevaluated our usage needs and could do with a cheaper monthly plan for our phone or internet, or for some entertainment packages (like magazines, buyer clubs and associations) we simply forget that we’re being auto-billed every so often.

How To: Pour over your credit card statements to ensure you recognize any subscription fees, and if you don’t, make sure you cancel!

2. Clear out clutter that costs you money

Many people who rent out storage facilities don’t technically need them, aside from paying $50-$150 a month to house clutter they don’t want to deal with.  Even if you’re not bleeding out money to house your junk, chances are, you may be holding onto stuff you don’t need that can not only take up space, but cost money in electricity if the appliance is outdated or constantly needing repair.  Additionally, if you find that you’re constantly replacing stuff you can’t find (scissors, tape, remotes, small tools) it could be a sign your clutter is costing you money!

How To: Dedicate just one day to tackling a room or section of a room that is the “black hole” of your house. Donate what you don’t need.

3. Check your credit report & banks

Did you know you can get a credit report for free once a year?  If you’re ready to really clean up your life, the biggest blind spot for your could be hidden in your credit report.  Many folks don’t catch a disparity or inaccuracy until they’ve applied for a loan or credit, and by then, it’s more of a problem.  Additionally, if you’re not getting a good interest rate on your savings, it might be time to call the bank and have a talk. Being aware of how your money is performing is one easy win to cleaning up your finances this spring!

How To: Get a free credit report online and remove late payments from your credit report. Log onto your bank’s website to pour over your accounts & make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

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