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Spring Cleaning For Your Finances


Spring cleaning always seems to get more groans and gripes than excitement, unless you fall into the Martha Stewart type category of cleaners that love to tackle dust bunnies and decoupage new containers for potted plants.  For most of us, the only way we get excited is by financial motivations- so if you’d like to [...]

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10 Steps to Get out of Debt

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Reducing debt is the cornerstone of leading a more financially sound lifestyle. With less debt you’ll have more money to save, invest, and to use for things you enjoy. Getting rid of debt is tough, but with these 10 steps you’ll be able to dig your way out of debt. 1. Create an emergency fund. [...]

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What You Can Learn from Financial Bloggers About Being Frugal

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We shared our advice on who to meet at FinCon, a blogging conference for financial bloggers, and came home with advice from a variety of bloggers post-FinCon. We asked these personal finance rock stars to share their best frugal advice. Here’s what they had to share: Follow Your Passion Phil’s advice has led to the [...]

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4 Ways Your Credit Score and Budget Are Connected


This is a guest post written by our friend, Bethy Hardeman for Credit Karma Just what does your budget have to do with your credit score? Well, a lot, actually. In most cases, the better your credit score, the more breathing room in your budget. Let’s take a look at four ways your credit score [...]

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7 Tips for Living on One Income (or Less)


Living on less is the key to making your money count. Most financial gurus will tell you to live on a portion of your income, and bank extra income or raises. So even if you aren’t a couple or family you can still live on ‘one income’ by living on less. It sounds simple, but [...]

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How to Perform an Expense Audit


One of the wisest financial moves you can make is to ensure your money is being spent consciously. No, that doesn’t mean you’re spending while you sleep. It means many of us go on autopilot when it comes to bills and expenses without considering why we’re spending. Taking the time to set up a budget [...]

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15 Easy Ways to Live on Less


Living on less is the best way to make a huge impact on your finances. What could you do with the ‘extra’ money you find in your budget?  You could use it to help you pay off debt, save more, or to reach a financial goal. The possibilities are endless. 1. Use deals and coupons: [...]

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A Lesson In Money You Won’t Find In A Classroom

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Financial education is underrated and rare, and even when it’s there the wrong things are too often taught. Too much emphasis is put on spreadsheets and adding/subtracting numbers to get figures that are supposed to signify something but just flat out don’t. When it comes to money, knowledge is power. You have to have knowledge [...]

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2011 : The Year In Budgets – How Did You Do?

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The holidays have come and gone, and we hope yours were great! I myself, received a 12 piece set of pots and pans. I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s going to help improve my (very) sub-par cooking skills, or just encourage me to cook more bad food. Let’s hope for the sake of [...]

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3 Ways To Prevent Something Small From Turning Into A Disaster


Have you ever had something go wrong that started out small but actually ended up becoming a bigger deal than it really needed to be? Maybe it felt like a little reminder that you needed to pay attention to something, but you ignored it and it kept getting bigger and bigger until you were forced [...]

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