‘Tis Better To Have Invested And Lost Than Never To Have Invested At All

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Money is hard to figure out. Even after reading books, blogs, and listening to some major gurus talk about it, I still find it to be a very hard concept to not only grasp, but to explain. But when it makes sense, oh is it glorious. The first time money started to make sense to [...]

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The Ultimate Budgeting Guide For Moms

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Budgeting just your own finances is tough and intimidating enough. But budgeting for you plus a family? That requires nothing short of a Herculean effort. It’s a full time job in addition to being a parent, and spouse and it’s no wonder it’s so much easier in the short run to just avoid…. But it can’t be [...]

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2011 : The Year In Budgets – How Did You Do?

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The holidays have come and gone, and we hope yours were great! I myself, received a 12 piece set of pots and pans. I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s going to help improve my (very) sub-par cooking skills, or just encourage me to cook more bad food. Let’s hope for the sake of [...]

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How I Survive Without a Car in These Tough Times

Pee wee

It’s not getting easier to follow the American Dream. Everything costs more money and money is more scarce. The national gas average is $3.85 a gallon right now, 50 cents more than it was last year. These gas prices eat into our budgets for personal things – mainly things that entertain us and make life [...]

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Stop Wasting Money On Getting Your Oil Changed Too Often

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Do you get your oil changed every 3-4k miles? If so, you could be wasting your money. As crazy as it sounds, it turns out most manufacturers recommend closer to 7,500 – 10,000 miles between oil changes. So why the heck have I been getting my oil changed twice as frequently as recommended?! Apparently I’m [...]

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A Status Update On Budgetable Beta Invites


It’s been a few weeks since we posted a status update on the Budgetable beta, so I thought I’d take a minute to get everyone up to speed. Over the past few weeks we have been hard at work testing the core functionality of the software. This process alone is pretty intense. Since everyone has [...]

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$25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – Show Us The Dumbest Thing You Ever Bought

Mr. T

The holidays are upon us so we decided it’s time to give something away. And what better than $25 at Amazon? With all the cool stories we heard from our readers after Matt’s recent post about the dumbest thing he ever bought, we decided there must be some other great stories out there about embarrassing [...]

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5 Universal Gifts That Will Make You A Christmas Legend


It’s December which means Christmas lights, changing weather, tight budgets, and of course some serious brainstorming about what kinds of gifts to buy. It seems simple enough to pick out a gift for a relative, friend, or loved one at first glance, I mean it’s a present right? If you’re like me it is easy [...]

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Dear Santa, This Year I’d Like To Be Tim Tebow

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Picture this: It’s 4th quarter, the Broncos are down, and this is the last chance they’ll get to score to avoid a loss. The game is at home and the fans won’t forget this one if they lose. No matter who’s fault it is, one man takes the blame. Tim Tebow. But the outcome of [...]

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3 Ways To Prevent Something Small From Turning Into A Disaster


Have you ever had something go wrong that started out small but actually ended up becoming a bigger deal than it really needed to be? Maybe it felt like a little reminder that you needed to pay attention to something, but you ignored it and it kept getting bigger and bigger until you were forced [...]

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